Yellowstone National Park - Steve Bumbaugh
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Red Fox Head Shake

Red Fox Head Shake

After crawling around under some sage bushes while hunting rodents, it probably felt good to loosen up and get those ears cleared.

A red fox hunting for (and catching) rodents just outside of Tower Junction on our way into the Lamar Valley. She was listening for mice or voles with her big ears. When she would lock onto one or a nest, she would attempt to dig them out from under the sage. Sometimes she would have to dig for minutes, taking periodic breaks, until one would run, then she would chase it down. Other times she would sneak up and spring into the air before landing on one. She did this for some time, ignoring the mass of people that had gathered on the roadside to watch. We watched for about 10 minutes before she started to move along towards the picnic area not much further up the road.

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