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Amphitrite, Toledo Museum of Art.

Had to lay on the floor to get the skylight and lights in the frame on this shot. Ended up with a bit of lens flare; although, I like it in this shot.

Amphitrite was a sea-goddess and the wife of Poseidon. In this sculpture, she is holding a lobster in her left hand (in works of art, the pincers of a lobster are sometimes attached to her temple).

Date: 1654-1658

Artist: Michel Anguier, French, 1612-1686

Dimensions: H: 86 in. (218.5 cm)

Medium: Limestone.

16541658AmphitriteH 86 in.LimestoneMichel Anguiermuseumsculpturestatuetoledo art museumtoledo museum of art